Secret US and Afghanistan talks could see troops stay for decades

The Guardian reports:

American and Afghan officials are locked in increasingly acrimonious secret talks about a long-term security agreement which is likely to see US troops, spies and air power based in the troubled country for decades.

Though not publicised, negotiations have been under way for more than a month to secure a strategic partnership agreement which would include an American presence beyond the end of 2014 – the agreed date for all 130,000 combat troops to leave — despite continuing public debate in Washington and among other members of the 49-nation coalition fighting in Afghanistan about the speed of the withdrawal.

American officials admit that although Hillary Clinton, the US secretary of state, recently said Washington did not want any “permanent” bases in Afghanistan, her phrasing allows a variety of possible arrangements.

“There are US troops in various countries for some considerable lengths of time which are not there permanently,” a US official told the Guardian.

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One thought on “Secret US and Afghanistan talks could see troops stay for decades

  1. Norman

    Gee, I wonder if the Military geniuses in the Pentagon think that they can still win there, just like in Viet Nam. They just never give up on those failed missions. Must have something to do with the Chinese interests in country and the Israelis trading U.S. technology with them, the Chinese.

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