CIA website goes down, hackers claim responsibility

Reuters reports:

The public website of the Central Intelligence Agency went down on Wednesday evening as the hacker group Lulz Security said it had launched an attack.

Lulz Security has claimed responsibility for recent attacks on the Senate, Sony Corp, News Corp and the U.S. Public Broadcasting System television network.

The CIA site initially could not be accessed from New York to San Francisco, and Bangalore to London. Later in the evening service was sporadic.

“We are looking into these reports,” a CIA spokeswoman said.

Lulz Security has defaced websites, posted personal information about customers and site administrators, and disclosed the network configurations of some sites.

Security analysts have downplayed the significance of these attacks, saying the hackers are just looking to show off and get as much attention as possible.

In the case of the CIA attack, hackers would not be able to access sensitive data by breaking into the agency’s public website, said Jeffrey Carr, author of the book Inside Cyber Warfare: Mapping the Cyber Underworld.

“All they’re doing is saying ‘Look how good we are,'” Carr said. “These guys are literally in it for embarrassment, to say ‘your security is crap.'”

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One thought on “CIA website goes down, hackers claim responsibility

  1. Norman

    Gee, you don’t suppose the the perpetrators may be in collusion with the Chinese do you? Sort of another slap in the face to the U.S. for even daring to say Israel should play by the rules, negotiate a peace settlement with the Palestinians based on the 67 borders? After all, the Chinese Defense Minister is in or has already visited Israel as has the Israeli counterpart to China. There go all that secret stuff the Israelis have gotten from the U.S., legally or stolen through spying upon. Hedging bets, I would say.

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