The Israeli nightmare: a state in which Jews and Palestinians are equals

Haaretz reports:

President Shimon Peres is concerned that Israel might become a binational state, in which case, he warned, it would cease to exist as a Jewish state.

“I’m concerned about the continued freeze [in the peace talks],” Peres said to people who visited him this week. “I’m concerned that Israel will become a binational state. What is happening now is total foot-dragging. We’re about to crash into the wall. We’re galloping at full speed toward a situation where Israel will cease to exist as a Jewish state.”

Peres celebrated four years as president this week. He has three years to go until he decides on his next career move. But people who met him this week found the president’s mood far from festive. He prophesied that Israel would be doomed unless negotiations with the Palestinians leading to a peace agreement began in the immediate future.

“Whoever accepts the basic principle of the 1967 lines will receive international support from the world,” Peres said. “Whoever rejects it will lose the world.” He was referring to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s vehement objection to starting peace talks on the basis of the 1967 lines, which he called “indefensible” in both the Knesset and the U.S. Congress.

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3 thoughts on “The Israeli nightmare: a state in which Jews and Palestinians are equals

  1. Norman

    Sane judgment. Time is running out on those who believe they can discriminate against others, and still live in peace. The whole of the M.E. is changing, yet for some, it’s kicking & screaming into the future, they will go.

  2. dickerson3870

    RE: “The Israeli nightmare: a state in which Jews and Palestinians are equals”


    …Ideological fanatics confronting their worse nightmare, in this case the “demographic holocaust,” are not going to be devotees of democracy and human rights. Israel’s government will become more and more dictatorial…
    …This is not a potential scenario unique to Israel’s situation. It has been played out before. The difference is that before the Jews were among the victims and not victimizers. This is what happens when any group gives itself over to a doctrine, be it racial, religious or political, which destroys all notions of common humanity. That is what the prevailing ideology of Israel has done. And, if history remains consistent, as Zionism “purifies” itself, gets rid of all those who would question it or compromise it, it must take its remaining adherents into the realm of unadorned horror. We should all be afraid of this. Very afraid.

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  3. eddy mason

    What’s the big problem if Israel is not a jewish state?? It can be a ‘normal’ state where people are free to practice any religion they choose or none at all. Or if they hurry up and get their act together they can have an Israeli state along side a Palestinian state and the people can all please themselves whether they have a religion or not!

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