Complaint against US boat threatens Gaza voyage

Mya Guarnieri reports:

Organizers of the second Freedom Flotilla say that an administrative complaint has been filed against the US Boat to Gaza, the Audacity of Hope, claiming that the vessel is not seaworthy. This could delay or altogether prevent the ship from leaving Athens.

The harbor master received notification of the complaint Thursday afternoon, two days after suspected Mossad agents showed up at the ship.

The complainant is unknown. As of time of writing, a Greek lawyer representing the second Freedom Flotilla was working to obtain more details.

Israel has been open about its intentions to stop the flotilla using any means possible—including diplomatic avenues, lawsuits, and a media smear campaign.

Also on Thursday, Greek Port Authorities made the unusual move of advising ship captains to steer clear of the coordinates that correspond with Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza. The advisory also included the warning, “Continuous electronic surveillance of the region of East Mediterranean will also take place in order to record, wherever possible, the movements of ships that will possibly participate in such an action.”

Both moves came in the wake of the United States Department of State travel warning, issued Wedneday, which seemed designed to dissuade American activists from challenging Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip.

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2 thoughts on “Complaint against US boat threatens Gaza voyage

  1. Phil Dennany

    Israel and it’s puppit US government are determined to pull every dirty trick they can muster to make the humanitarian cause for Gaza look bad. No doubt they will pull it off again. Their still getting away with the mass murder/destruction of 9-11 that gave them the wars of terror, so now they look at the aid ships as small potatoes to put down.

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