Israel to deport pro-Palestinian ‘fly-in’ activists within 48 hours

Pathetic reporting from Haaretz.

Out of 120 pro-Palestinian activists attempting to enter Israel only four were willing to pledge that they would not participate in violent protests. So the remaining 116 wanted to keep open their option to use violence?

Wrong. They merely refused to submit themselves to a political litmus test now required by anyone attempting to enter the so-called democratic state of Israel.

Immigration and Population Authority officials told Haaretz on Saturday evening that all foreign pro-Palestinian ‘fly-in’ activists who were refused entry into Israel over the past few days would be deported back to their home countries within 48 hours.

At this point, there are 120 detained activists. Eighty-five are being detained at the Givon facilty in Ramle and the rest are being held at the Ela detention facility.

Four activists from Germany and Holland were released and permitted to enter Israel after they pledged not to participate in violent protest activities.

According to police, anyone “who wanted to protest in a legitimate and non-violent manner was permitted to enter” Israel.

The 120 detained activists are less than half of the more than 300 who were originally questioned by police. Police said that the detained activists were those who refused to promise not to participate in violent protests.

Some activists refused to talk to investigators and only presented their passports.

Leftist organizations said that a number of ‘fly-in’ activists succeeded in entering Israel and participated on Saturday in small demonstrations at the Qalandiya checkpoint and in East Jerusalem.

At this stage, it is not clear that the Immigration and Population Authority will be able to fulfill its intention to deport the activists within 48 hours as foreign airlines that operate in Israel have said that they would have a hard time flying large groups of activists home.

A senior official for one of the large European carriers told Haaretz on Saturday that “the airlines will have a hard time dealing all at once with large groups of pro-Palestinian activists that Israel wants to deport.”

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2 thoughts on “Israel to deport pro-Palestinian ‘fly-in’ activists within 48 hours

  1. Ian Arbuckle

    Will the Israeli’s sign a document promising not to use violence against peaceful demonstrators and not to use agent-provocateurs as a means to turn otherwise demonstrations violent???? Of course not, they would say they don’t have to. Well neither do should these people need to sign anything to go to Palestine.

    These travellers were trying to visit Palestine, its only the fascist occupiers who are funnelling them through their Zionist racist terror state of Israel so as to control Palestine like an open prison. Israel is finished as a legitimate state. It has lost any semblance of sanity. It requires the boycott by all civilized human beings. whether or not a General Assembly vote in September starts the process of Israel and the US facing reality.

  2. jill rowan

    Unfortunately there is still the problem of getting people in and out of Palestine. They have pretty much barricaded it from air, sea and land. If I would like to visit, (I do) then how can I get there? Palestine is isolated, and that is extremely dangerous for them.

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