An un-American response to the Oslo attack

Glenn Greenwald writes:

Over the last decade, virtually every Terrorist plot aimed at the U.S. — whether successful or failed — has provoked greater security and surveillance measures.  Within a matter of mere weeks, the 9/11 attacks infamously spawned a vast new surveillance statute (the Patriot Act), a secretly implemented warrantless eavesdropping program in violation of the law, an explosion of domestic surveillance contracts, a vastly fortified secrecy regime, and endless wars in multiple countries.  As it turned out, that massive over-reaction was not a crisis-driven anomaly but rather the template for future actions. 

The failed Christmas Day bombing over Detroit led to an erosion of Miranda rights and judge-free detentions as well as a due-process free assassination program aimed at an Muslim American preacher whose message allegedly “inspired” the attacker.  The failed Times Square bombing was repeatedly cited to justify reform-free extension of the Patriot Act along with a slew of measures to maximize government scrutiny of the Internet.  That failed plot, along with Nidal Hasan’s shooting at Fort Hood, provoked McCarthyite Congressional hearings into American Muslims and helped sustain a shockingly broad interpretation of “material support for Terrorism” that criminalizes free speech.  In sum, every Terrorist plot is immediately exploited as a pretext for expanding America’s Security State; the response to every plot: we need to sacrifice more liberties, increase secrecy, and further empower the government.

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One thought on “An un-American response to the Oslo attack

  1. Norman

    One has to wonder just how many of these are so called false flag jobs? The erosion of civil rights as well as the rights under the Constitution, not to mention any laws against such abuse, seems to be a big miscalculation on the part of the oligarchy, thinking that the vast majority of American citizens will sit on their butts while continuing to be threatened. Push comes to shove, the reaction will be like nothing they ever thought possible or expected. Every reaction has a reaction, one of equal or greater, in this case, it’s going to be gargantuan.

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