Does J14 herald a new political era in Israel?

In a discussion, 972 Magazine poses the question: Does social unrest and emerging tent city protest movement signify the dawn of a new political era in Israel?

Avrum Burg, author and former Knesset Speaker, responds:

“It’s not political,” protesters are shouting but they want politics to change their lives. In a few months they won’t be here and it’s the old politics that will remain to clean up the mess on the streets. All that will be left of the protest will be memories and the lists of things accomplished. With time, the following truths will be recognized: that the defamed “Tel Aviv state” is the only one that can move mountains and hills here.

It will also be recognized that it is easier for people to whine over the price of cheese than to change the economic system and the values which drive it. By saying “no politics” one avoids the most fatal of our diseases – the war we have subjected ourselves to in the West Bank, also due to short term economical interests.

Over there – on the hills of Judea and Samaria – the government does build, and subsidize, and give benefits – for Jews. Those who wish to disconnect the tent protests from this war also disconnect their struggle from the real opportunity to change the internal process which has brought us here.

And to the protesters: don’t shy away from politics. Take part in it, take it over. Offer a complete social alternative and not just a struggle over another Shekel in the price of cheese. Don’t run away from the occupation – end it before it swallows us all.

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