2 thoughts on “Inside Story — Saudi Arabia warns US over Palestine

  1. DE Tedooru

    Saudis long bent over for Israel in fear of Iran.

    The Palestinians were the most screwed over brothers by this Arab readiness to violate Sharia morality towards a brother, hoping that, in return, a monstrous foreign enemy will kill a fearsome cousin like Iran. With US no longer a Mideast power( gone broke from its oil addiction), replaced by Israel as protector of the Sunnis from Shia Iran/Iraq, Israel has been carving up its own Greater Israel lebensraum as if Palestinians truly no longer exist in people’s minds. Finally, the Palestinians realized that before Israel squeezes them physically out of existence through deportation and extermination, they had better get the CONCEPT of the STATE of Palestine recognized by the World. The hue and cry of Zionists (and all the Western statesmen they control through cash) about negotiations fall on deaf ears as everyone knows that the issue is survival of the CONCEPT of Palestine. So long as the UN recognizes it– JUST AS WAS THE CASE WITH ISRAEL IN 1947– Palestine’s existence cannot be eliminated through Israeli physical extermination of the Palestinians. To a former Stalinist like FM Lieberman this is clear. We are seeing a replay of Hitler and Stalin foreign policies towards neighbors they each wanted annexed which only the Saudis are strong enough to block. I recall the gas lines in the 1970s during the Saudi oil embargo. This time, America is economically in such bad shape that no Zionist buy-offs of politicians will permit America to bend over for Israel.

    Israel missed its chance to lead the Arab Spring, preferring instead to oppose it and support the old guard. Dirty-handed Russian Mafia type behavior by Lieberman will inevitably turn America against Israel. Netanyahu alone can save the situation by going back to his plan of TWO-STATES ONE-ECONOMY where Israel and Palestine prove together how prosperous the Jewish/Arab unity can be.

  2. Norman

    Once again, the Palestinians are asked to bend over so the Israelis can do it to them by the U.S. way of thinking. It’s time the Israelis were given that same ultimatum of either stop the B.S. or lose the backing of the U.S. This nonsense has been going on for far too long and wont stop until the U.S. stops supporting Israel. It’s up to the Israelis to grow up and become a mature member of the world community, not just snivel & whine when someone questions their at the end of a barrel actions.

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