Bachmann regrets the fall of Arab dictators

National Journal reports:

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann on Friday decried the “Arab Spring” that has toppled three dictators and given rise to pro-democracy protests across the Middle East for promoting the “rise of radical elements” across the region.

In a speech to about 400 Republicans gathered for the state party’s fall convention here, the three-term Minnesota congresswoman blamed President Obama for “the hostilities of the Arab spring” and expressed regret that “we saw (Egyptian) President (Hosni) Mubarak fall while President Obama sat on his hands.”

She got her biggest applause line of the evening when she accused Obama of asking Israel to return to its “indefensible” pre-1967 borders. Obama in May said a peace deal between Israel and the Palestinians should be based on the borders — with land swaps –before the Six-Day War in 1967 between Israel and its Arab neighbors, a position that angered some in Israel and Israel’s conservative supporters in the U.S.

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2 thoughts on “Bachmann regrets the fall of Arab dictators

  1. Norman

    Well, the best solution I’ve heard so far, send each one of the present members of the Congress, both houses, to Israel, strip them of their American passports, let them live there instead of in the U.S. Perhaps Israel might build them a settlement down where they are kicking the Bedouins out of. I think that would be fitting for all those members who put Israeli first over their own country.

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