5 thoughts on “Recognizing Palestine

  1. delia ruhe

    This is very nicely put together, and the choice of Hanan Ashwari was a good one, as she is one of those rare Palestinian legislators and spokespeople who hasn’t been touched by the corruption that quickly came to characterize the PA. Citizens of every country who plans to vote against the Palestinian resolution — especially the US and Canada — should watch this, as it will bring them up to speed in time for the event on 20 September.

    I watched this directly after I read a piece over at “Watching America” that features the woman who has been the Israeli ambassador to the UN. The piece is stunning. We all know that Zionist Israel is in denial, but if you want to see precisely how deep in denial, and how out of touch Israel is, I would recommend it highly. Your jaw will rest on the floor the whole time you’re reading it:


  2. eddy mason

    Brilliant ….but… the reality of the zionist lunatic asylum next door dictates that justice for the Palestinian people will not be obtainable until Israel swallows the dead rat or self destructs. It is beyond comprehension as to why the hell should the Palestinian people have to negotiate for permission to live in their own country?

  3. Michael

    This video is the best video I have watched for years. It is time for the Israeli people to vote out of power the madmen in the present Government and form a Government that coexists with the Palestinians. The sad part is watching Obama prostitute himself to the Israeli lobby. He sends the Israeli’s $3 Billion and they send millions of this money back to buy US Senators and the President. With Bush you knew he had little holding his ears apart but even for all the wrong reasons he had a backbone.

  4. Valentine Anthony

    It seems one is not a prophet in one’s homeland. Instead, one is being forced to negotiate with an adversary for one’s existence or, failing which, one has to get permission from outside to live in one’s land. The UN, international community, US and its allies don’t seem to have a “backbone” to stand up for a Palestinian state vis-a-vis negate Israel’s outdated oppositon to the creation of the state in question in the UN on September 20, 2011.

  5. omop

    Dr. Brzenzski said it best

    “If we take a vote against Palestinian Independence in the UN, it is not only a serious strategic error but a tragic historical error.” — Zbigniew Brzenzski

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