Where the 13 United Nations Security Council members stand on the upcoming Palestine vote

On Friday, Palestinian Authority president Mahmoud Abbas laid out his plans to seek full membership at the United Nations Security Council this week. In order for the vote to succeed, it needs nine votes and no veto, and then approval by a two-thirds majority of members of the General Assembly. Alternatively, the Palestinians can seek to win only limited membership as a non-voting member in the General Assembly as a fallback option.

ThinkProgress has reviewed the positions of the 13 Security Council members. Five members are firm supporters of the Palestinian bid, while two, like the United States are opposed. The largest group of countries is the undecided: [Continue reading…]

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  1. I see that Netty Yahoo has decided that he will now talk to the Palestinians, (maybe about time off for good behaviour). They will be over the moon with that bit of bullshit. I strongly suspect that the Palestinians are over listening and would appreciate seeing some action and honesty from Israel and the USA for a change.
    Perhaps Abbas should agree to talks and now offer; “We’ll begin from the 1948 borders and work out how we can find a bit of space for a Jewish state within Palestine”.