One wave, one message — restore fairness. End bought government

Dylan Ratigan writes: It was late Saturday night at Zuccotti Park, the heart of the Occupy Wall Street protests in New York. “Why are you here?” I asked one of the occupiers. “We are here to defend the American people against an occupying global financial oligarchy!”

“I am choosing to no longer participate in what I perceive to be an abusive relationship,” said Occupier Lopi, a 47-year-old who last year went to Haiti and housed 100 orphans in geodesic domes.

“Our goal to create a massive independent weapon of mass help! We are not intent on destruction. We are intent on confronting and fixing what we all know is a bought government.” another occupier told me. “This is our shared moment to seize prosperity.”

As each occupier bounced around like a water molecule, seeking alignment with those around them, the energy at the park was palpable. Watching the scene around me, one thing became clear to me: that a massive wave of energy is rebelling against the American government, unified in its intention to reject a system that refuses to defend 99% of its citizens.

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