One thought on “Listening Post – From Occupy Wall Street to Occupy Everywhere

  1. deteodoru

    A month ago I went to the anti-WallStreet demonstration. There I entered in discussion with thoughtful young people, professionals, union members and unemployed people. Today I went back and there was squalor, filth and weirdos as well as many, many homeless bums. Why? Lots of great food was served and the social scene was great. I saw Trotskyites and Libertarians eating and calmly talking together about organizational oppression by money buying up politics. Pretty soon, just sleeping there instead of in the subway got you great food. So guess why WallStreeters gladly gave $ for the food?

    Yet the point was clear: corporate monsters are NOT individuals before the law and their coins of silver should not replace the red blood cells that oxygenates the brain and judgement of politicians. But who’d expect the media corporate whores would report that? No one, for we all know from the Zionist domination of US media that corporate $ could easily dominate the media zombies. And so, as cash bias gradually who eats the great meals at the anti-WallStreet demonstrations, it makes the media report of “amorphous” demonstrators turn to describing them as “bums, crazies and anti-capitalists.” No one speaks of the insane anti-social socio-pathy of the mobster minds that rule America. Marie Antoinette said “let them eat cake.” Corporates say: “give them cake and make the bums obvious.” No demonstration can do what a number of deserving bankers in prison with Madoff. We wait for Obama to prove that he is NOT a whore like the media and Republicans.

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