Protest smearing of Occupy Wall Street, Palestine solidarity movements as “anti-Semitic”

Electronic Intifada reports: In a news segment broadcast Wednesday night by ABC 7 News in Chicago, reporter Chuck Goudie claims that there is “a vein of anti-Semitism flowing through the movement that has Jewish leaders concerned.”

I and other activists have responded to this vile smear attack on the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement, and the Palestine solidarity movement more generally…

In his report, Goudie purports to expose the “ugly underbelly of Occupy Wall Street” and cherry-picks unrepresentative, isolated cases of anti-Semitic speech to make it seem that anti-Jewish sentiment is a pervasive problem in the OWS movement.

Goudie also attempts to prove his point by saying that Hatem Abudayyeh, a Palestinian-American community leader in Chicago, gave a speech at an Occupy Chicago rally in which Goudie claims Abudayyeh “spoke about destroying Israel.”

The short broadcast includes a seconds-long clip from a YouTube video of Abudayyeh’s speech — which was actually given at a rally held on the anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan, not at an OWS rally. Abudayyeh states in the clip “they [the Palestinians] will win their freedom and independence from Israel and from the United States” — a far cry from calling for the destruction of Israel, as Goudie states in his ad hominem attack. [See a call to action at Electronic Intifada.]

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One thought on “Protest smearing of Occupy Wall Street, Palestine solidarity movements as “anti-Semitic”

  1. Christopher Hoare

    Remember the boy who cried wolf? This meaningless bogeyman word ‘anti-Semitism’ has worn out its welcome and its value. Words change their meanings and their utility over time, and when demagogs try to use this epithet as a blanket condemnation of everything they don’t like it loses force.

    Why would one particular group think they should control society through a private short cut and not have to justify their complaints in the same way everyone else has to? Tune it out, people. You are being manipulated.

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