Inequality in America is even worse than you thought

Justin Elliot reports: There has been no shortage of headlines this week about the growing income and wealth inequality in the United States. A new study from the Congressional Budget Office, for example, found that income of the top 1 percent of households increased by 275 percent in the 30-year period ending in 2007. American households at the bottom and in the middle, meanwhile, saw income growth of just 18 to 40 percent over the same period

But less attention has been paid to the fact that not only are the numbers bad in America, they’re particularly bad when compared to other developed nations.

A new report (.pdf) by the Bertelsmann Foundation drives this point home. The German think tank used a set of policy analyses to create a Social Justice Index of 31 developed nations in the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD). The United States came in a dismal 27th in the rankings.

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4 thoughts on “Inequality in America is even worse than you thought

  1. sharon-marie

    Gosh NZ is ubove USA just to think how they threatened NZ about Nuclear Battleships and how they would put sanctions on Us ha ha this make me personally feel good every dog has its day …i am sorry America just how duped you are by your keepers …..

  2. Leslie Garrett

    That chart reveals the political bias of northern Europeans, those who are now Lords Over the Earth, heirs of Vikings and other northern European barbarians who, after pillaging the civilized and highly complex and stratified civilizations to the south and east, shared booty equally among the fighters, and they had women warriors and queens. This is behaviour very unlike that of most civilizations. They try to make their primitive values normative for all. Look at the list!

    That is the first exclamation mark that I have used in years. What is extreme now?

  3. scottindallas

    Sharon-Marie, we don’t need no uppity Kiwis–feeling full of yourself after the World Cup victory eh? How the dreck that is World Cup backline play (from all nations) gets such study and praise is confounding. I would rather watch club ball rather than this selects play.

  4. scottindallas

    Leslie, there’s even a preference for the non-colonial over the colonizers among what is essentially the same people, Anglo-Saxons.

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