‘New setback’ for Palestinian hopes on U.N. membership

BBC News reports: A UN diplomat says the UK, France and Colombia have told Security Council members they would abstain in any vote on Palestinian membership.

None of these countries have officially confirmed this yet.

But their decision is a setback for the Palestinians, who have been trying to win support from European states.

A Council committee is considering a Palestinian application to become a UN member state and is expected to present its report next week.

The UN diplomat said Britain, France and Colombia stated their positions in a private meeting of the Security Council committee dealing with the Palestinian application.

The diplomat said Germany also declared it could not support the Palestinian bid, without clarifying whether it would abstain or vote against.

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One thought on “‘New setback’ for Palestinian hopes on U.N. membership

  1. Christopher Hoare

    UNSC was designed to be controllable by the creators of the UN, so it is clear without removing some permanent members the institution will never be answerable to the wishes of Humanity. The simplest change to start on would be to roll over the French and British permanent memberships into a European one, wielded by the European Parliament and not, God Forbid, the duo of France and Germany. The European seat would take the place of any European non-permanent seats for countries in the EU, taking a huge and necessary bite out of the unbalanced influence of the Caucasian bloc.

    The EU should also have no veto powers, but that might be a lot to ask for in one move. All the UNSC vetos should be ended together.

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