The Robin Hood tax — turning a global crisis into a global opportunity

Learn more about the Robin Hood tax.

Robin Hood tax backed by more than 1,000 economists. (Telegraph)

Bill Gates backs Robin Hood tax on bank trades. (Guardian)

IMF report [PDF] says: “In principle, an FTT is no more difficult and, in some respects easier, to administer than other taxes.”

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  1. delia ruhe says:

    I hope this ad is going viral. Who is that actor? He’s terrific!

  2. That’s Bill Nighy.

  3. Well now, if this doesn’t give cover for those Congress critters sitting on the fence, what does?

  4. delia ruhe says:

    Thanks, Paul. In fact, I just watched Bill Nighy last night on PBS Masterpiece and made the connection. I love this ad.

  5. mistah charley, ph.d. says:

    Bill Nighy’s role here is something like the character he played in The Constant Gardner. His most appealing role (in my opinion) was in Love Actually.