2 thoughts on “Al Jazeera talks to Joe Cirncione about Iran’s nuclear potential

  1. Ian Arbuckle

    So much bull!
    Read :IAEA’s ‘Soviet Nuclear Scientist’ Never Worked on Weapons
    by Gareth Porter, November 9, 2011 by Inter Press Service.

    The IAEA didn’t even bother to check the credentials of the suspect ex Soviet collaborating scientist, and yes, nano diamonds have a civilian application i reactor cooling………

  2. DE Tedodoru

    Sarkozy’s parting gift to mankind before he leaves the French Presidency: “NETANYAHU IS A LIAR!” hurt me deeply as I expected more from Netanyahu. But I must admit that, caught up between his domestic Right and Left, he’s been driven back to the “Old Bibbi” style: lie, lie, lie….! Circione, though, doesn’t see the need to pointout China’s nuclear era adaptation of Mao’s: “One, two, three….many revolutions,” into “One, two, three….many primitive nucelar nations to diffuse where US nukes must point. Russo-Chinese grand strategists don’t give a hoot about Israeli attempts at Mideast domination through exclusive nuclear intimidation of the Middle East. They care more about forcing the US to point its missiles at so many primitive nuclear states that it will have to choose diplomacy instead of bellicose bullying China/Russia with its nukes.

    Zionists have wanted us to focus history of Nazis, Soviets, Middle East and all human evil, EXCLUSIVELY on issues that serve them best as cover for both criminal goals and means in their global megalomania. But, in fact, both the world and its history go far beyond Israel’s attempts at becoming “Greater” by scaring all Jews in Diaspora into becoming olims [“returnees”] (sic) so it can populate the “lebensraum,” Palestinian land it is seeking to violently attain. Its “security” concerns go beyond Greater Israel to domination of the Middle East. But our security goes far beyond Middle East to Russo-Chinese schemes for global influence through military/economic power-match of US. Yes, they’re more united now than ever so our focus on bogus Israeli security claims is dangerous. Similarly, our getting bogged down in yet another Kosher Jihad, this time against Iran over the same WMD BS that got us into Iraq, would only prove that we are what the Zionists have been saying about us all along: “DUMB GOYIM”!

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