One thought on “Police pepper spray peaceful UC Davis students

  1. Norman

    This di9splay by the police is what we can expect. What a brave bunch of “expletive deleted” pieces of “expletive deleted” !! Unlike the “Free Speech” & “Vietnam War” demonstrations, the people are up against the powers that think they can oppress the population with out suffering any resistance. It all adds up until the explosive charge is ignited. At some point, there will be backlash, but putting all their marbles in one basket will prove to be their downfall. Perhaps there will be martyrs, but that’s the price to pay in any society that is oppressed. The one thing that has to be stressed as well as implemented, that the infrastructure isn’t destroyed in the process when the Revolution goes critical. As is always the case, there will be some of that. We are already seeing such behavior around the country, where agitators are being introduced to ferment the crowds into destructive tactics, a favorite with the ruling class to discredit the movement. We only have to look to the middle east, Egypt, to see what lies in store for the U.S. in the future. The real choice is the Governments, but so far, they have sided with the 1%. The excuse: “the rule of law” , but it’s to protect the 1%, not the other 99%, the ones who are sacrificing, losing their homes, jobs, savings.

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