2 thoughts on “U.S. anti-terrorism bill: Liberty vs security

  1. Norman

    “KABUKI” with a deadly twist. Either the U.S. will become a totalitarian state shortly, or collapse. There are too many master’s vying for the head job, with egos set of self, not wanting to share. This is all new territory, though the scripts were written in the past. Perhaps if time had stood still, there might be a chance for this to root, but with each day bringing changes, the hoped for results grow dimmer, exponentially, leaving chaos in its wake.

  2. Tom Hall

    Excellent discussion.
    I note that Gorka cites his family background in support of his advocacy of this bill. It is worth pointing out that the suffering of his father at the hands of the Soviet state did not purchase for the son, nor for the U.S. government, the power to abrogate the rights in question. This debating tactic- the “how-dare-you” defense, is worse than threadbare. It is manifestly perverse.
    As to his claim that al Qaeda represents a historically unique threat to the freedoms he wishes to eliminate, plainly a determined centralized policy of unconstitutional, criminal action by a major state embodies a far more lethal and pervasive danger. The prospect of American citizens facing round-up by the military and perpetual detention without trial, ought to engender absolute outrage throughout the country.
    Totalitarian mechanisms are being steadily and brazenly locked into place.

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