2 thoughts on “Inside Syria – Syria’s direction

  1. dmaak112

    US forces are massing. Warships have been repositioned so as to be in striking range of Syria. US forces in Turkey are training forces to combat Syria’s army. US forces from Iraq’s Ain al-Assad base were transferred to Jordan on December 8 instead of returning home. 
The US is planning aggression against Bashar al-Asad. We have replaced Iraq with Syria.

  2. sharon-marie

    Al Jazzera,This is all from America and Israel Britian and Allies who where out smarted by Iraq Minister Malaki..then you see they sent in Iraqi troops to cause upset for they want to desimate Syria as they have done to Iraq…Stop spreading incorrect info and share the real truth..Why they want to destroy the Arabic Nations and Ultimately go For Iran …You are supportting the wrong people again like you did with Libya you will only interview those who wish to out Assard we all now why you are doing this ..as with Libya. shameful.

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