One thought on “Time for U.S. policy shift on North Korea

  1. sharon-marie

    Who does the US think it really is .cos the whole world thinks its a joke with telling others not to have Nuclear capabilities and they want to keep Biological weapons,and run ruffshod over whom ever they like..I pray Nth Korea will be as Iran shut up and mind your own business.Oh you will talk yourselves into conflict like always..I am so grateful for the truth spoken by so many soldiers whom have returned from these wars.Why doesn’t America start to take care of their own before setting up another squirmish which keeps Americans out in the cold ,hungry ,and totally disenfranchised?Korea doesnt need you Mr America Obama.they are wise to your bulsht.1, army 4,ooo,000 reserves ahahah scared?I jolly well hope so, may be put you back where you belong looking after the American citizens who are in a lot of pain.

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