One thought on “Should Bradley Manning be on trial?

  1. Christopher Hoare

    The United States of the Twenty-first century is clearly on the wrong side of history—no wonder Fukuyama attempted to turn history off.

    Since the actions of Bradley Manning and Wikileaks are intended to provide information to the citizens of the world one has to assume that to the US Army and the Obama administration, we are all terrorists. Every document and video leaked was previously concealed by administrations concerned only to keep their underhanded and their criminal actions secret. The world needs to know what is going on in order to judge the value of the words and supposed friendship offered by this grossly over-armed and manipulative state.

    The world is changing and all those involved in the prosecution and ill treatment of Bradley Manning will in due course live in shame for their present actions. Just take note of the Nazi prison guards who are still being discovered and brought to trial as many as seventy years after the fact. Just ponder that information and consider what you are doing. Your time will come.

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