One thought on “Inside Syria: Is the Syrian revolution getting militarised?

  1. dmaak112

    Al Jazeera’s report is less than forthcoming. Of all of the people to talk to, the Syrian National Council which was formed to implement the Bush administration overthrow of the states of Iraq, Iran, and Syria. Iraq is destroyed. War favor with Iran is building. Syria held off the neocon and their ilk. The SNC is a front. It is receiving aid from foreign Arab governments and non-Arab governments. What has marked the media coverage of the turmoil is that lies are coming out of the dissidents and is believed without question. This “report” from Qatar is one of the enemies of Bashar al-Asad. Presence of Iranian troops, presence of Hezbollah fighters, claims of dead that are alive, lesbian Syrian that turn out to be US male, teenagers claimed as beheaded alive, US and British aid in providing rebels aid like phones and Syria Alone app, etc. This report is filled with lies and the whole object is to destroy of the last Arab secular states.

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