Ron Paul reality check

Since I’ve posted a few items recently suggesting that Ron Paul’s participation in the 2012 presidential race has had a positive effect, I should also make it clear that I remain among those who also see him as a crackpot.

Mother Jones provides this old example of the Congressman’s isolationist paranoia letting rip:

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3 thoughts on “Ron Paul reality check

  1. George Washington

    Now now, you should not call people names. It detracts from your own argument. If you think Mr. Paul is a crack pot, lets talk the issues American to American.

    Ron Paul 2012 Please
    Track Record and Substance OVER Flip Flopping Rhetoric and Fear Mongering
    Thank you

  2. Paul Woodward

    OK. If Paul thinks the UN could take away Americans’ beloved guns and stop them practicing religion, let’s not call him a crackpot — just a man with a vivid imagination.

  3. Dan

    Well, maybe he is a crackpot that goes completely against the grain of the status quo which is why the media always casts him in a bad light (the media being controlled by the powers that be, and the powers that be have very strong influence in the government). He wants to essentially completely downsize our government and he wants to audit the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is a private organization that is actually outside the government, but prints money for the government essentially in exchange for our income tax, and artificially creates inflation and deflation by increasing or decreasing the amount of money available and also control the banks in a sense and controlling the availability of credit and who the credit is available to. The Federal Reserve has never been audited since it’s inception in 1913 under Woodrow Wilson who actually thought that he ruined the country by passing the bill that created it. Of course…. the same powers that be I am talking about now (not just the Fed, but major corporations) played both sides in WWII to ensure that they would be in good standing with whoever won the war. These are the people are country is run by, and they are duplicitous and two faced, and I would rather vote for any crackpot than anyone backed by them. Ron Paul more than likely wants to get rid of the Federal Reserve. JFK tried fighting the federal reserve too, and we see how long his Presidency lasted. Ever since him, every presidential candidate has been a puppet with various other entities controlling the strings. Many of Obama’s advisors were once at the top of the Federal Reserve, which could just be a disturbing coincidence, and some of them were once Clinton’s and Bush’s advisors as well, which is confusing to me if both parties have completely different ideas and ideals and thoughts on everything, which could explain why with every candidate we get more of the same. Call me a crackpot too if you want, but please, take a few minutes and research the things I have pointed out. Maybe I am just spouting nonsense, but you will never know until you look. Maybe all this time you have just been blind and needed to open your eyes, or…. maybe I’m a crackpot.

    For the record though, it’s not isolationist paranoia. As far as Israel goes, we play both sides and provide funding to both Israel and Arabic countries… and some of the funding of Arabic countries (the more destitute ones especially) invariably winds up in the hands of the likes of Hezzbollah, forcing Israel to increase its defense spending, using up the funds that we give them anyway.

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