The struggle against Sopa and Pipa is not over

Dan Gillmor writes: Has Sopa, the draconian copyright legislation under consideration by the American Congress, been firmly put to rest? You might imagine that, while the dust settles from a series of mini-explosions this week in the copyright arena, as a bill that once seemed certain to be enacted has stalled.

But you would be mistaken to think it’s dead. The powerful interests backing Sopa (Stop Online Piracy Act), which proponents say is aimed to stop the worst of the worst infringers, are unhappy with this week’s events, but they have not remotely given up. And they still have time and money on their side.

For the moment, however, it’s plain that the internet community made a huge impact on Congress with a mass online protest that led to a flooding of lawmakers’ email accounts and phone/fax lines. Dozens of lawmakers either backed away from earlier support or announced that they’d gone from neutral to against.

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One thought on “The struggle against Sopa and Pipa is not over

  1. Christopher Hoare

    I’m surprised that you post this but not the observation that by their terrorist raid on Megaupload by the FBI and other servants of the media empires who want to stifle Internet freedom the very day after the massive outcry against them, proves that the corporate dictatorship needs no new laws when they simply ignore the old. Take a look at Glen Greenwald’s commentary today

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