3 thoughts on “Israel’s man in the White House

  1. Norman

    He should go live there in Israel. I’m sure they would open their arms to him & his family. He can go live there with all the rest of the Israeli politicians in the congress, they might even start their own settlement. Since when has this country been a satellite for the Zionists?

  2. Tom Hall

    I note that Paul Woodward has posted this excrescence without supplementary comment. The material speaks quite devastatingly for itself. This strident blanket endorsement of Israel, with its unconscionable attribution of all disorders in the region to Israel’s enemies and victims and its portrayal of the Zionist state as utterly without fault or blame, goes beyond anything I have seen before from the re-election campaign of an American President. I don’t know whether Obama actually believes any or all of these lies, but the hypocrisy involved is so vast as to encompass whatever explanation one chooses. When the entire US-Israel venture collapses, it will have come about in no small measure through the sheer weight of moral dishonesty required to sustain it to this lamentable point in our history.

  3. dickerson3870

    I consider “America and Israel: An Unbreakable Bond” to be an outstanding example of “video kitsch”. What an incredibly über-schmaltzy video!

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