The West Bank: Whose Promised Land?

“The West Bank: Whose Promised Land?”

Esti Marpet made this film about the Israeli occupation of the West Bank almost 30 years ago. The settlement project was already gaining pace even though at that time there was only a fraction of the population that now numbers over 700,000.

What strikes me about the people represented in this film is this: the two sides do not simply reflect an imbalance in power.

I don’t hear the Palestinians denying the humanity of the Israelis. They are angry but not filled with contempt.

The settlers on the other hand express the purest contempt, denying the Palestinians’ rights, their history, and their existence as human beings. This contempt is so deeply embedded in their outlook that it buries the Palestinians alive.

Anyone who dehumanizes their adversary in this way, cannot do so without sacrificing their own humanity.

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2 thoughts on “The West Bank: Whose Promised Land?

  1. delia ruhe

    Is it any wonder that people can’t seem to resist NSDAP comparisons. Certainly the comparison is no more outrageous than the behaviour in this film.

  2. Ian F Clark

    We are an obedient lot. In America, Israel is supported by Jews and Christian Zionists, so programmed because it says in the Bible that the Jews are chosen of God (so you had better behave!) In addition, Christians announce by their belief in virgin birth and resurrection that they are prepared to put rationality on hold. Ideal for manipulation and propaganda. Pity the poor Palestinians, Christian and Moslem alike. People are so ill informed.

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