Castro’s take on the U.S. presidential race

In his regular op-ed, Fidel Castro writes:

I must note that, going by what everyone is saying, that the selection of a Republican candidate to aspire to the presidency of this globalized and far-reaching empire is, in its turn – I am serious – the greatest competition of idiocy and ignorance that I have ever heard. As I have things to do, I cannot devote any time to the subject. I already knew it would be like that.

Earlier this month Castro lamented that there isn’t a “robot capable of governing the United States and preventing a war which would put an end to human life.” Were the situation otherwise, he wrote:

I am sure that 90% of U.S. citizens registered, especially Latinos, Blacks and a growing number of those in the middle class, the impoverished, would vote for the robot.

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3 thoughts on “Castro’s take on the U.S. presidential race

  1. Tom Hall

    If anything, I think that Fidel is understating the seriousness (and lack of same) of the situation. The dystopic parade of corrupt, half-witted, blustering clowns that constitutes the Republican primary contenders is almost beyond the scope of political calculation or analysis. By all means bring on the sober, public-spirited robot.

  2. Donna Bubb

    Check out our history. It’s full of political idiocy. Dumb, stupid fools. Why do the
    dumbest always run for the highest offices of the land? And why do we ever vote for

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