The Adelson axis of influence

Neocon Zionist casino boss, Sheldon Adelson and his wife, Miriam, are the money behind Newt Gingrich — and a prime force in the colonization of Greater Israel.

Muckety has created a useful graphic to show the many strands of the Adelson empire.

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2 thoughts on “The Adelson axis of influence

  1. Norman

    This is frightening, looking at the various groups the fingers are tied too. If they get their way completely, then the U.S. might as well legally change its name to the U.S.of I. Of course, there will be those who take issue, just as with the French when they had their revolution. But I wouldn’t bet the ranch that any of the banksters will survive this time.

  2. DE Teodoru

    Think of it this way, Norman. Israel gets $10 billion/yr to survive. Adelson will put some cash here and some cash there, but he can’t put in enough to keep a notion of all Jews as strangers in goyum lands of their birth, citizens only of Israel. Zionism is a failed project as it lives on a constant cash IV bottle from abroad. All it has power to do is destroy Palestinians. But otherwise it doesn’t even have the power to stop its educated youth from leaving once they get their degrees. That all Jews must live in Netanyahu’s sandbox not even Adelson is willing to do. Israel’s only hope is a marriage to its Arab cousins. Short of that there are not enough Adelsons to support it and its illusory nuclear power. Better see American Jews as yours rather than Israel’s. For by suspecting them you are only playing the Zionist game. They are as American as apple pie. In terms of Israel they only feel uncomfortably guilty. Zionism can’t survive on that alone.

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