One thought on “Israel and the American elections

  1. BillVZ

    Republican presidential candidates have been fighting to outdo one another on who can build Iran up as the scariest and most immediate threat. Gingrich and Romney seem to do whatever they can to hype the danger and terrify people. The myths are always there:

    During the 1950’s unable to get assurances from Eisenhower that the new Zionist state would be protected by America’s nuclear umbrella, Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion set out clandestinely to provide Israel with its own nuclear weapons. Funding provided by wealthy Jews and tech support for a sophisticated reprocessing plant under the Dimona reactor site via France. The Israeli leader who oversaw the clandestine program was Shimon Peres; the current president of Israel. For decades, however, he repeatedly lied to American officials about Israel’s nuclear intentions, claiming that Israel was working on a small reactor for peaceful purposes. American officials—as well as the Israeli Knesset—were assured, in no certain terms that the Dimona reactor was completely benign. French officials guaranteed that any plutonium produced at Dimona would be returned to France for safekeeping.

    In 1986, the London Sunday Times published an extraordinary account of Dimona. It was based on extensive interviews and pictures furnished by Mordecai Vanunu, a 31-one-year-old Moroccan Jew who had been working inside Dimona. He claimed that Israel’s nuclear stockpile totaled more than 200 warheads. American intelligence experts were floored by the Times account and the evident sophistication of Israel’s clandestine program. Officially, however, Washington still went along with the fiction that Israel was not a nuclear state.
    By now, of course the cat is out of the bag, so to speak, the US and the world has been aware for sometime of Israel’s nuclear capabilities and years of outright lies regarding them.
    How can statesmen or reporters or anyone seriously discuss the current crisis over Iran when a key part of the dispute is officially hidden from view?
    Yet, How often, in the current flurry of media reports about the threat from Iran, is there any mention of Israel’s own nuclear history and arsenal?
    Barry Landow with the works of Seymore Hersh, gives a refreshing account to bring the true facts once again to the surface.

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