Sheldon Adelson could have a Plan B: Romney

The New York Times reports: Sheldon Adelson, the billionaire casino executive keeping Newt Gingrich’s presidential hopes alive, has relayed assurances to Mitt Romney that he will provide even more generous support to his candidacy if he becomes the Republican nominee, several associates said in interviews here.

The signals from Mr. Adelson, whose politics are shaped in large part by his support for Israel, reflect what the associates said was his deep investment in defeating President Obama and his willingness to play a more prominent role in the Republican Party and conservative causes.

The assurances have been conveyed in response to a highly delicate campaign by Mr. Romney and his top Jewish financial supporters to dissuade Mr. Adelson from adding to the $10 million that he and his wife have given to a pro-Gingrich “super PAC,” Winning Our Future, that has been tearing into Mr. Romney through television advertising.

Several people who have spoken with Mr. Adelson over the past two weeks said he would most likely continue to help the group as long as Mr. Gingrich remained in the race. But, they said, he is concerned that additional deep-pocketed donors have not joined him. And, they said, his affection for and loyalty to Mr. Gingrich, who met with him here on Friday, have not blinded him to the reality that the nominating contest is tilting in Mr. Romney’s favor.

“Sheldon is committed to keeping him in the race as long as he wants to stay in,” said Fred Zeidman, a top fund-raiser for Mr. Romney and a longtime friend of Mr. Adelson. “But any time that Newt decides to get out of the race, he would devote his energy and money to the overriding issue, which is beating Barack Obama.”

Underscoring Mr. Adelson’s devotion to that larger cause, he was among the conservative political financiers on hand last weekend for the twice-yearly gathering of the billionaire industrialists Charles and David Koch near Palm Springs, Calif., where the Kochs and their like-minded colleagues discussed their efforts to ensure Mr. Obama’s defeat.

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2 thoughts on “Sheldon Adelson could have a Plan B: Romney

  1. rosemerry

    1. Gambling is in control of the US election. No surprise there.
    2. Adleson thinks any Repug is better than Obama, who bows down to every Zionist demand. This is allegedly the US election for POTUS, not Israel. How can this be?
    3. The POTUS election is an expensive farce. Adelson pays too little tax and cares nothing about the interests of his “homeland”, and does not even please Israel with his interference there. Can anything be done to turn the USA into a sane democracy?????

  2. Norman

    Talk about buying your way. The devils in the details, as well as that old guy Murphy too. What exciting times we live in, a ringside seat to the end. I wonder, what will Adelson do if his beloved Israel detonates a nuclear bomb over his casino?

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