West does not have monopoly on veto morality

From Israel, Zvi Bar’el writes: “At the end of last week we received a reminder about the environment we’re living in. We heard Iran’s ruler talk about Israel’s destruction, we saw the Syrian army massacring its own people. Some leaders have no compunctions about harming their people or their neighbors,” said Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the start of the cabinet meeting. True, it’s a lousy environment. Only one sentence is needed to complete the picture: “And there are governments that don’t mind continuing to occupy other nations for nearly 50 years.”

It isn’t just the environment that’s bad. It’s also that “the international community” – mainly Western countries – can’t claim a monopoly on international morality. A veto by just one of the UN Security Council’s five permanent members is enough for a murderous leader to continue killing his country’s citizens, and for those citizens to realize that the “international community” is nothing more than a noisy microphone.

In a single moment, Russia became the bad guy in the Syrian story. An evil empire. But what was rejected in the resolution? Nothing concrete that could stop the slaughter, no intention to impose sanctions, not even a hint at military intervention. What have the United States and the Europeans done to help Syria’s people? And what do they plan to do? Just what they’ve been doing so far.

It’s hard to swallow the Russian and Chinese veto of the resolution that merely intended to demand a stop to the violence. Even Vice Prime Minister Silvan Shalom was disappointed by the veto and Knesset members were appalled by Russia’s behavior.

It’s interesting that the Russian-Chinese veto is rousing such profound anger and loathing in a country that permanently relies on an American veto.

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3 thoughts on “West does not have monopoly on veto morality

  1. BillVZ

    The News Source condensation by itself, as usual, gives a perspective of the issue that falls short. By going to the original article one will find further excellent points made by Zvi Bar’el , especially regarding Russia and China’s issues with Tibet and Chechnya.

    Hamid Dabashi,(RNN),Toni Karon(Times) are quite spot on with their analyses and todays related posts are very meaningful. However, I add the Asia Times to those related posts.I often wonder why the Asia times and Pepe Escobar seem to be usually left out of the research. Hmmmm..

    http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Middle_East/NB09Ak02.html- THE ROVING EYE
    Syria through a glass, darkly Pepe Escobar

  2. dickerson3870

    RE: “It’s interesting that the Russian-Chinese veto is rousing such profound anger and loathing in a country that permanently relies on an American veto.” ~ Zvi Bar’el

    PER COUNTERPUNCH: Five Out of Every Six US Vetoes at the UN Were To Defend Apartheid
    SEE : A Quick Listing of The United States’ Record of Veto Use at the United Nations (1972–2011) – http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article30468.htm

  3. DE Teodoru

    Through the influence of cash cows for electoral campaigns like Adelson, Israel has pushed America into doing things to Muslim World that Eisenhower would have deemed outrageous. So, once again, Israel set up the Diaspora Jew for scapegoating by a West that NEVER will take responsibility for its own transgressions.

    I REPEAT: “never again!” is a cheap slogan from a Zionist regime that HATES the 70% of World Jewry that just wants to be good citizens of their nations of birth. This use of mercenary neocons means Israel is so cynical as to be willing to risk another Krystalnacht in the West if that will stampede the Jewish survivors into a Great Aliyah to expansionist Israel– in need of bodies more than anything else– with all their money. Israel didn’t learn the lesson of its “Soviet Jewry Inc” campaign where it got is the scum of EastEuro Jews and the cream of the crop all went to US and Europe. For a nation so loudly declaring “never again” of a Holocaust, it sure tries to come close in order to drag in the 70% of World Jewry that deems Israel a nice place to visit but NOT to live to panicked stampede, abandoning their “parasite” (per Zionist ideology) lives! THIS IS AN ISRAELI GOV. DASTARDLY CRIME OF INTENT!

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