One thought on “Video: Garth Lenz — Images of beauty and devastation

  1. BillVZ

    Great videos from warincontex with plenty to digest on this Presidents Weekend Holiday.
    President Obama is in sticky situations much to his own making. What he does or doesn’t do indeed will have “huge electoral consequences” for him.
    Garth-Lenz in his wonderful and moving TED talk and Col. Wikerson both make it super clear that the consequences of his actions on the Iranian issue and Tar Sands big oil industry Kestone project are more far reaching that just electoral to him.
    The devastation to nature and the land of the big Canadian oils tar sands program for the people of Canada illustrate what the proposed Keystone XL pipe line through the US would do to our environment and people in the lands it would go through.
    The record and consequences of the war in Iraq to the people and nation are enough to give thoughts of military solutions to the Iranian issue more than mere electoral problems for Obama.
    Perhaps the Canadians solution proposed years ago has some merit for the people of the US today;

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