4 thoughts on “Video: The horror of Homs, a city at war

  1. blowback

    Questions about this video:

    1. If the residents of Homs are alleged to be under intensive bombardment, why did several hundred gather together for a mass funeral.

    2. The attack on the secret police headquarters – why did there appear to be people standing around in the street chatting with each other. After all, the secret police, if they were there, would most likely have grenades and it would be quite easy for them to throw a few down. Also, after going to all that effort to get inside the building, what happened next? There was no indication that they captured or killed any secret police. And if there were secret policemen cornered in the building, wouldn’t the security forces be attempting to rescue them? Quite frankly, it looks like it was staged for the benefit of the cameraman. So who was the cameraman, a “citizen journalist”?

  2. ana souri

    This is disgusting.
    Mr. Woodward is engaging in media distortion to the extreme. All you see in this video when shown like this is a bunch of hooligans, thugs and outlaws running around shooting whatever is around and burning buildings, they are called Free Syrian Army?
    If this is true, I am cheering for the security forces to capture these thugs and put them away. I did not see a fight between fighters and security forces, i did not see snipers that have supposedly shot civilians, i did see well armed outlaws shooting at Government buildings and taking away ammo to use in their next lawless attacks.
    I also saw an imam inciting people to fight and kill. I saw dozens of children and veiled women cheering against the security forces, not many men. The men were likely hiding letting their women and children in harm’s way for the effect. I also saw the dead who have paid the price for this insanity which is helped along by this type of hyped up sources to keep the insurrection going and demonize the Syrian people.
    I hope the true Syrian army gets in there soon and cleans up this lawless town that seems to have been occupied by thugs.
    By the way, i saw two people dressed in what has become known as Al Qaeda head gear, the black head dress. Congratulations Mr. Woodward, you are now cheering and providing Al Qaeda a paltform for terror.
    Good news today, many of these thugs have surrendred to the Syrian army. Homs will become free in a matter of days and the Al Qaeda terror group will be sent where they were asking, Heaven ?

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