Libyan militia says UK journalists are ‘spies’

BBC News reports: Two British journalists detained in Libya are suspected of spying, the militia that is holding them says.

Faraj al-Swehli, commander of a Misrata brigade, said the men had entered Libya illegally and were carrying “incriminating evidence”.

He said the activities of reporter Nicholas Davies and cameraman Gareth Montgomery-Johnson were being investigated.

The men had been working for Iran’s English-language TV station Press TV.

Rights groups have called for their release.

The BBC’s Gabriel Gatehouse in Tripoli says that at a hastily convened press conference in the capital, reporters were shown video footage of what was purported to be the two journalists test-firing weapons.

Members of the militia also produced a field dressing that they said they had found in the journalists’ possession.

It was of a type, they said, used by the Israeli military.

I dare say these two journalists are not the only ones in Libya who thought it might be prudent to include the widely used, easily available Israeli battle dressing in their first aid kit. If this was supposed to be incriminating evidence, were the militia members not pressed to explain this improbable combination: journalists carrying Israeli supplies while working for an Iranian news outlet? Not only can anyone buy these bandages online; they also happen to be used by the US military.

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One thought on “Libyan militia says UK journalists are ‘spies’

  1. Norman

    Seems the handlers don’t have a firm grip on the so called Militia. Goodness, something unwanted might be uncovered. All of this brought to you by the western NATO/Arab league. Bomb the hell out of the country, then just walk away. Just imagine, if the expense of this centuries wars were put to the building of society instead of blowing it up, what could have been accomplished?

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