2 thoughts on “Video: U.S. 2012 — What role does the pro-Israel lobby play?

  1. delia ruhe

    I think this is a really good example of how even pro-Israel’s “authorities” — people sent out to the media to represent Israel’s position — are in deep, deep denial. Facts are irrelevant; Israel’s Department of Hasbara is the only source of truth.

    More important, had I thought about it prior to this, I would never have expected that one of these brainwashed sheep would be sent to participate on a panel with the likes of Hillary Mann and John Mearscheimer. It’s as if someone set it up to make Israel and its supporters look like a bunch of morons. That doesn’t look good for Al Jazeera.

  2. Tom Hall

    This was an extraordinarily poor performance by the representative of the Israel lobby. At the same time, it’s arguably the best defense they can mount short of shooting their opponents on the panel. The fragmented and warped version of history on offer reinforced the view that Zionism ran out of plausible talking points a long time ago. Larry Greenfield’s final remark, that Hillary Mann Leverett’s observation that “the United States has never supported democracy in the Middle East” amounts to a “smear against the American people” is so hopelessly lame as to almost constitute a plea for a quick exit from the studio and all future debates.

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