Syria hit by third car bombing this weekend

The Telegraph reports: Syria was hit by a third car bombing of the weekend as political security offices in the northern city of Aleppo were targeted, according to human rights groups.

State media, which have said that such attacks aimed to sabotage efforts to find a political solution to Syria’s crisis, said it exploded near residential buildings and a post office.

Activists in Aleppo, the target of car bombings on February 10 that killed 28 people, told AFP in Beirut on Skype that the blast rocked the city early in the afternoon.

On Saturday, twin car bombings killed 27 people and wounded 140 others in the heart of Syria’s capital, the interior ministry said, blaming “terrorists” for the attacks near police and air force headquarters.

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One thought on “Syria hit by third car bombing this weekend

  1. Norman

    I take it that the so called resistance are the ones responsible? How do they justify the killing of the innocent, and how do the media not condemn the resistance for doing it? I’m not taking sides, but if this is supposed to be telling how the resistance will be if they succeed in ousting Assad, then the country is in for perhaps the biggest blood bath seen in quite a while. It would seem to be better if the west quit meddling in others affairs, Israel was put in its proper place, sans nuclear weapons, then maybe peace could be achieved in the Middle East without all the violence.

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