One thought on “Video: What’s next for Occupy Wall Street?

  1. A fed up Nobody

    Obama as well as all of the presidential candidates are not worthy of the presidency. Their words are empty and have no substance.

    What’s next? “Occupy Elections”

    I believe that there’s a chance for real recovery and honest government if the group that prepared the “325-page comment letter” takes the initiative to make their “next action” and that of the Occupy Movement to be selecting a third party presidential candidate(s) that will have the wisdom, courage and honesty to lead America and the world out of the Dark Ages of Corrupt Governments. And, will represent over 99% of Americans. Otherwise, more of the same crap.

    “On Feb. 13, seven writers who described themselves as “concerned citizens, activists and financial professionals” filed a 325-page comment letter to financial regulators, outlining their concerns about loopholes in the “Let’s Try to Avoid the Next Financial Crisis” proposal known as the Volcker rule.”

    Politics must be replaced with democracy.

    The seven writers include: Caitlin Kline, Kaye Scholer, Kamlesh Tewary, George Bailey, Alexis Goldstein.

    google: “Occupy Vigilantes Write New Volcker Rule Script”

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