One thought on “Video: One dies, dozens injured in Palestinian Land Day of protest

  1. BillVZ

    “For some time now, the world has lost much of its interest in Palestine. Everything looks quiet. Netanyahu has succeeded in deflecting world attention from Palestine to Iran. But in this country, nothing is ever static. While it seems that nothing is happening, settlements are growing incessantly, and so is the deep resentment of the Palestinians who see this happening before their eyes.”
    The film clip expresses those near-unanimous feelings of the Palestinians in the West Bank and elsewhere.
    Other than showing to those who are concerned how such protests are dealt with; things will not be changed for the Palestinians.
    Like Nelson Mandela in apartheid South Africa, there is a man in prison who may well be more important than the current Palestinian leaders outside –Marwan Barghouti. His views hold some merit.

    The New Mandela by Uri Avnery

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