2 thoughts on “Video: Has time run out for a two-state solution?

  1. delia ruhe

    Apparently Bibi is ready for negotiations without preconditions. What else is new? What he means by “without preconditions” is without Israel having to freeze colonization activities. He’ll have a lot of preconditions for the Palestinians which he’ll roll out just as his negotiators are about to enter the negotiating room.

    After a brief flirtation with the 2-states model (a few years at most), I’m back to the one state solution. The excuse that Israelis and Palestinians hate each other too much doesn’t cut much ice. If the South Africans can have a successful “truth and reconciliation” process, so can Israeli Jews and Palestinians.

  2. peter brown

    It really is a farce and Abbas is out of his depth. Its about time he, belatedly, listened to his people and NOT the President of the United States who’s interests rest with Israel and the corporations who govern the West.

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