Iranian dissident opposes sanctions on Tehran

The New York Times reports: Shirin Ebadi, the Iranian human rights lawyer and Nobel Peace Prize laureate, has no affinity for the authorities in Iran, who she fears would have her arrested or worse if she returned home. But she has found herself standing with them in opposition to the onerous nuclear sanctions imposed on her country.

As representatives of Iran and six world powers prepared to resume negotiations on Iran’s uranium enrichment activities this weekend in Istanbul, Ms. Ebadi said that the sanctions imposed by the United States and the European Union were misdirected.

Although meant to pressure the Iranian government to compromise on its nuclear program, “the very stringent sanctions have really been a tremendous blow to people,” Ms. Ebadi said in a telephone interview. “The people need these sanctions to be removed for a sustainable life.”

The sanctions have contributed to acute shortages of foreign goods there, rising inflation and unemployment and a sharply devalued currency. Further deprivations loom, especially if a European Union ban on Iranian oil sales goes ahead as planned in less than three months.

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One thought on “Iranian dissident opposes sanctions on Tehran

  1. Norman

    Sanctions!! Look how well they worked in Iraq. Who suffered? The civilian population, Women, Children, Seniors, the Disabled. Look at Libya today, Look at the U.S.A. It’s always the Civilian population who bear the brunt. The powers to be never learn a thing from all the suffering, because they don’t care, that is, until it’s they who become victims. A fatal flaw in the powers plan[s], which eventually cause its downfall.

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