One thought on “Video: Has the Syrian opposition done nothing wrong?

  1. John Somebody

    To title this piece with this question, is rather like doing a piece on Hamas, and asking if they have done nothing wrong, and ignoring the fact, that Hamas, and the Syrian opposition, and all victims of fascist thugs, would not be doing what they are doing, if it were not for the fascist thugs, doing what they have done.

    Oops, that’s the cue for Tamor Nabili, to say, “The question of who started it, and who’s right or wrong, isn’t going to take us forward at this stage”, is to ignore the fact, that it must be necessary, to ask such questions, in order to move forward, for as long as there’s a need to identify, who should be supported. If we can verify the facts that the problem started with Assad’s reaction to protestors, was to kill, and torture some of them, then their right to defend their communities cannot be in doubt. That means that those questions of who started it, and who’s right or wrong, have to be addressed, for as long as it takes, to dispel the lame excuses of apologists for fascist thugs.

    And please, lets not have the irrelevance, about NATO being fascist thugs as well. That’s just like someone campaigning to stop the police being embarrassed into action to defend me, the next time that zionists are threatening me. All fascists are part of the problem. If we don’t deal with the immediate problem, our friends won’t be around any more, to have any problems in the future.

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