One thought on “Video: U.S. moves toward delisting MEK as ‘terrorist’ group

  1. DE Tedodoru

    The official American reaction to “terrorism” was totally propagandistic when it was in the hands of Communists. But then, when the issue became anti-Communism it was seen as “freedom-fighters.” But it really hit a low point when “terrorism” became an excuse to attack Iraq. Then, the terrorists who could bomb straight– Chalabi and his money sucking bunch– became the good guys and Iraqis who resisted against American occupation the bad guys…..kind of past perspectives in South America and the Philippines all over again. The same terrorists we bankrolled in Afghanistan against the Soviets when we thought they had oil, we turned on when supposedly going after binLaden. Now, it seems, we’re thinking of turning Afghanistan over to them again, if they accept to wear Karzai as a hat. Those who would have us attack Iran started the pattern all over again with MEK. The pattern is clear: to paraphrase the musical DAMNED YANKEES, whatever Israel wants, Israel gets…..Israel wanted us to hit Iraq….we did; Israel now wants us to hit Iran and towards that end to join their rehabilitation campaign for MEK….and we just might in this electoral season. That is why, despite the horror of 9/11, no one in the rest of the world is taking our war on terror seriously. While all the questions from 9/11 are suppressed here, the idea that Israel totally infiltrated alQaeda with the Palestinians on its payroll– and there are hundreds of thousands– so it knew all about 9/11 in advance, using it to get us to attack Iraq and eventually Iran, is pretty much taken for granted in Europe. Ah, but they’re what Likudniks call “Eurabia,” a continent so blinded by its “anti-Semitsm” that it failed to see when the Arabs took it over (#$%^$$#&&^#!!!). Our media is totally controlled. No one can raise these “anti-Semitic” issues, so we are made to see terror as good or bad, depending on whether it is seved up to us as sweet or sour, whichever the Zionist media managers want to. But to the rest of the world we’re the willing giant puppet of the flea. Now that we ran out the means and the attractants to get others to join us in this “Whatever Israel wants, Israel gets…” musical, The War On Terror, and that none of our allies can afford to join us anymore, we’re, once again, leaving the Afghans flat. At the same time, clearly, we can’t afford to once again starting a Mideast war for Israel. But at least we can reclassify MEK, the Mossad pupil for several decades. That’s the least both Republicans and Democrats can do for the &millions in campaign funds needed before November. Think about it; we’re legitimizing terrorists for Israel in exchange for for electoral funds….We really have become a banana republic! What does that say about our post-9/11 War on Terror for which some 50, 000 Americans have died in one capacity or another. Once again, the Zionists are too clever by half. But what do they care about the fate that awaits Jewish “parasites” in the Diaspora. Diasporics who won’t “come home,” will be the victims of all this because Americans can’t face what whores they’ve been and will scapegoat the usual scapegoats. MEK is besides the point. It is only a means to a nightmarish end.

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