Most Israeli Jews agree: African migrants are ‘a cancer’

The Times of Israel reports: Fifty-two percent of Jewish Israelis identify with the statement by MK Miri Regev last month that African migrants are “a cancer in the body” of the nation, and over a third condone anti-migrant violence, according to the Israel Democracy Institute (IDI) Peace Index for May 2012.

Broken down by political and religious affiliation, the monthly index’s findings reveal that among Jews there is a direct correlation between right-wing political affiliation and a racist attitude toward migrants. Thus, 86 percent of Shas voters and 66 percent of Likud voters polled expressed identification with Regev’s controversial statement, as opposed to 32 percent of Labor voters and four percent of Meretz voters.

The degree of religiosity attested to by respondents also accounted for a large disparity in the findings, with 81.5% and 66% of self-described ultra-Orthodox and Orthodox, respectively, agreeing with Regev’s statement, as opposed to 38% of secular Israelis.

Only 19% of Arab respondents agreed that the migrants were “a cancer.”

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One thought on “Most Israeli Jews agree: African migrants are ‘a cancer’

  1. Norman

    African migrants are a cancer. Those that believe that, are themselves the cancer. If this is the face of Israel, then that means all the religious sects here in the U.S. who support Israel, are themselves a cancer on humanity. Indeed, they sure don’t support the teachings of Christianity as Jesus lived.

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