Anti-African hysteria sweeps Israel

Uri Avnery writes: “We shall not be a normal people, until we have Jewish whores and Jewish thieves in the Land of Israel,” our national poet, Haim Nahman Bialik, said some 80 years ago.

This dream has come true. We have Jewish murderers, Jewish robbers and Jewish whores (though most prostitutes in Israel are imported by international slave traders from Eastern Europe through the Sinai border).

But Bialik was too unambitious. He should have added: We shall not become a normal people until we have Jewish Neo-Nazis and Jewish concentration camps.

The central news item nowadays in all our electronic and print media is the terrible danger of “illegal” African migrants.

African refugees and job seekers are drawn to Israel for several reasons, none of which is an ardent belief in Zionism. [Continue reading…]

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One thought on “Anti-African hysteria sweeps Israel

  1. Joe

    The point here, is that Jews THEMSELVES were immigrants to Palestine — some as recently as ten or twenty years ago — and they expelled 750,000 of the local Arab population in doing that. Also, history tells us that Jews themselves moved to Israel for ethnic protection, because they were, we are told, tired of always being treated as ‘the other’ and discriminated against in pogroms etc.

    So — it is nothing short of grotesque and hypocritical when Jews then behave in the same way themselves.

    Once again, the excellent Avnery shows the world the double standards of Israel.

    Just imagine, if Germans, or British, or French, or Italians behaved that way to immigrants — it would be unacceptable. But somehow,once again, if it is Israelis doing it — we are supposed to think, “oh well, they have had a terrible history you know it is understandable, they did endure terrible things in WW2 and in the pogroms etc.”

    No. Enough excuses — increasingly, all we can now see is thuggish and prejudiced Russians and Poles and Brooklyn – ites wanting to beat up darker skinned people in Tel Aviv, a country the Israelis themselves only immigrated to twenty or thirty years ago.

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