Egyptian generals let Arab Spring wilt

Paul McGeough writes: The jig was up in Cairo when Barack Obama coughed up to the generals a cool $1.5 billion that he might have dangled before them to keep them on democracy’s straight and narrow.

Instead, he threw the money a couple of months back and they’ve been running amok ever since. The military cordon they placed around the Egyptian Parliament on Friday was the latest in a series of staggering events that can be spelt out in a four-letter word – coup.

With hardly a murmur of international criticism, the generals have amassed more power for themselves than the ousted dictatorship had, even to the point of reinstating the worst aspects of the hated emergency laws on Wednesday.
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The generals have been artful in convincing the world that they are well intentioned – since the January day last year, when they sacrificed the dictator Hosni Mubarak as the price for their own power and vested interests, right up to Thursday’s twin rulings by their crony mates on the Supreme Constitutional Court, which sacked the country’s new Parliament and gave a leg-up to another crony mate in the presidential race.

They have scuppered the Parliament and derailed the drafting of a new constitution, and if/when their preferred candidate wins the presidency, they’ll all kick back with a shisha pipe and lock in their vision for the new Egypt – which is very much like the old Egypt.

They are having an each-way bet. In the event their man goes down to the Islamist candidate running against him, the junta will have all the power it needs to nobble the new president through its clench on the new parliamentary elections and the drafting of the new constitution.

They have created, deliberately I suspect, an electoral mess that is unlikely to produce a legitimate, unifying president – and thereby, they create the justification for their argument that they must retain the power to watch over him. At the same time they have cleverly debased the judiciary, so if anyone has a complaint or grievance, where do they take it? [Continue reading…]

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One thought on “Egyptian generals let Arab Spring wilt

  1. DE Teodoru

    And still, Israel HATES Obama, much as it hated Bush after 2007, and is telling ITS Jews to vote against him. That’s called having your cake and eating it too. Meanwhile the American Zionists well placed in the Obama Administration as Clintonistas are making leak history exposing American e-shenanigans in Iran’s computers because if there’s one thing both Bill Clinton and the Zionists want it is for Obama to lose. Why? Because Bill found out that the people who anointed Obama to become Ted Kennedy’s puppet-president (unfortunately, Kennedy’s near death disability caused Obama to run to the Clintons for guidance) already have someone other than Hillary in mind for the presidency in 2016. Obama was born by politics (Chicago-style) and may die by politics (Arkansas-style). Had he been a more policy driven president, ready to lead his party out of the Bush-it forest, he might have become a hero. Alas, choosing not to be his own man (except in his speeches, where he always speaks of “me,” “my” and “I”), he is only appreciated as one step above the Mormon shyster. I wonder if anyone on the Nobel Prize Selection Committee committed suicide. Obama will fall victim of Israel and the Clintons, squeezing him like a vice… unless he somehow manages to get around them by becoming his own man. Toto, quick, we have to find the scarecrow-like, lion-like, tin man-like president a heart, a brain and– above all– COURAGE, Toto, COURAGE!!!

    But we must follow the Yellow Brick Democrat Road and stick by the Wizard of Chicago because the Wicked Mormon Witch fro Massachusetts is a really wicked bitch from a long line of wicked!

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