‘Obama did not want this revolution’

CNN: As Egypt waits for the delayed results of its presidential election, one of the revolutionary voices of the Arab Spring had a message for another president – Barack Obama.

“The U.S. administration should back off,” said Mahmoud Salem, aka “Sandmonkey,” the pseudonym under which he has authored a blog since the early days of the uprising.

“It was the message of Barack Obama’s administration to keep Mubarak,” he said Thursday on Amanpour. “Obama did not want this revolution and right now they (the American government) have made a deal with the Muslim Brotherhood to have (Mohamed) Morsi as the president. They have been meeting them (the Muslim Brotherhood) for the past year. They need to stop pressuring us.”

Speaking from Cairo, Salem suggested multiple reasons why the American administration would favor a Morsi/Muslim Brotherhood victory: “To resolve the Israel-Palestinian conflict, to create some sort of some sort of Sunni alliance against Iran, or to create another Pakistan model.”

Whatever the reason, he said, “We don’t want any of those things. The Obama administration needs to back off.”

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