2 thoughts on “Video: Max Blumenthal resigns from Al Akhbar over Syria coverage

  1. Joe

    Very good video — most people have no idea who to support —

    1. Should we support the grass roots revolt against a quasi fascist dictator? I’d love to support that — but it is financed and subverted by Saudi Wahhabi nut cases,( and likely by USA and Israel too) who would like to turn Syria into a clerical basket case state in line with their own ghastly state and to wipe out all Syrians who are not Wahhabi style nut cases. Remember Libya?

    2. Should we support Asad’s side then, if he is resisting the monarchs of Saudi and assorted Western psy ops forces? Of course not, who could support his torture regime — but — like it or not, Assad is protecting Alawite and Christian and other Shia and Sufi sects. He is only protecting them for his own ends of course, that is obvious — but if his protection goes — their lives are over, and they are terrified so will fight against the rebel forces with all they’ve got. If Assad goes — their blood will flow, and there’ll be a new brutal totalitarian state in Syria.

    Who to support?

  2. Joe

    Reported in today’s Guardian — the ‘rebels’ are definitely being bankrolled and paid for by the Saudis — I could never support a Saudi revolution in the name of human rights and liberation, when their own country is so corrupt and cruel. The other proud supporter of the Syrian ‘resistance’ is…Joe Lieberman and the USA.

    I despise Asad and all he stands for — but how can one possibly choose one over the other when presented with such a ghastly opportunist bunch?


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