Syrian forces fire at second Turkish plane

Reuters reports: Turkey said on Monday Syrian forces had fired towards a Turkish military transport plane involved in a search for an F-4 reconnaissance jet shot down by Syria last week, but the second aircraft was not brought down.

Damascus described its shooting down of the F-4 jet on Friday as an act of self-defence and warned Ankara and its NATO allies against any retaliation. Turkey said the incident would “not go unpunished” but it did not intend to go to war over it.

The disclosure of the second incident came on the eve of a NATO crisis meeting that Turkey summoned to address the shooting down of its F-4 jet, which Ankara has described as an unprovoked attack in international airspace.

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One thought on “Syrian forces fire at second Turkish plane

  1. Norman

    Talk about provoking an incident. Just itching to get into the fray, bomb the hell out of Syria, destroy the infrastructure like in Iraq, Libya, Lebanon, the Balkans. Just the beginning.

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